Life Insurance and its importance !

Life Insurance is a must for every one. Life Insurance Corporation of India is the largest Life Insurance Company in terms of Policy holders and #1 in term of Claim settlement. Many people realize the need for Life insurance until it is too late. Planning early would help the policy holder to insure, save for future and tax exemption under 80C. Insurance plan should be opted at young age as it would mature at early stages of life so the benefits would also come early.

Insurance plan can be sold by anyone. Today most of the LIC Agents are part-timers and they simply vanish after selling life insurance plans. Know about your Insurance agent before signing the papers. Many proposers have faced problems with un-experienced and part time agents. Experienced LIC Agent in Bangalore for all Life Insurance plans and services.

Every policy has got returns as per the plan benefits when the policy matures. In case of dealth of the policy holder, full sum assured will be paid to the nominee. All LIC policy premium comes under 80C of Income Tax act., Kindly read latest update on Income Tax rules.

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